Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

Renee says: Sugar Lips Cakes are “Very moist and rich.”

Clarence says: The cakes are “Affordable. Decadant. Delicious. Just try it!”

Debbie says: The “Cakes are the most moist and delicious I have ever had and the flavors are amazing! 

Kate says: “Sugar Lips Cakes are a perfect way to bring a little joy to any workplace.  Their beautiful presentation brightens up your desk, and their delicate moist texture provides that bit of luxury that you need during a busy work day. Her cakes are never too sweet and she has flavors to please everyone’s palate.”

Therese says: “I truly fell in love with the Whats’ up Doc? carrot cake!!! The cake itself had so much flavor and then add the frosting that was such a compliment to the cake ….yum yum good!!!”

Jaime (groom) says: “Whether cakes, frosting, or cup cakes, it doesn’t get any better than Sugar Lips Cakery. You will be in heaven! All creative flavors of cake and frostings created to make the perfect mix of flavors to indulge and enjoy! Try them all and you will not be sorry!”

Lisa says: “Chocolate….moist…. delicious…made my day!”

Jodi says: “You have to try Sugar Lips’ Red Velvet Cake, it is to die for. They are so moist and the icing is just delicious. You will not want to share. While you are at it, try the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcakes. The icing is like no other. Sweets are my thing and everything I have tried by Sugar Lips so far is really good. Keep on baking! I will be your test taster ANYTIME!

Denise says:”I asked for a custom cake for my
mother’s birthday, and it did not disappoint. 
The cake was moist, the icing was to die for,
and the snowman was cute as a button!”